I'm using windows 10 and I've installed ubuntu 18.04 via wsl. Now I created a blank html file. I can't open the file using default application (chrome in my case) within the directory using ubuntu terminal? I've tried commands like open, xdg-open, start, etc. But no results. I'm attaching the screenshot of the errors. Please suggest the proper command.



It appears that you are trying to use Ubuntu as a replacement for powershell. Instead, you need to think of it as a separate operating system. The reason you can't open a file in chrome, is that you don't have chrome installed in Ubuntu. Opening any program with a graphical interface is not easy, and will require a lot of set up. There are some command line browsers which you can search for, or if you just want to view the file, you can use cat index.html which will print the contents to the screen.

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