I have a fileserver with nfs exports on it. On the server, I have a media directory that I ran setfacl -m g:44000:rwx media on. The directory is exported with rw,sync,no_subtree_check.

On my client, I can run nfs4_getfacl media and it returns the expected A:g:44000:rwaDxtcy line.

Permissions on media are drwxrwxr-x

If I run mkdir media/foo on the client I get mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/mnt/share/media/foo’: Permission denied

I have verified that:

  • My client user belongs to a group with gid 44000 ($ id -> ...44000(media-write))

  • ACLs function as expected server side mounted locally

  • The acl option is present in the fstab mounting line for the share (this shouldn't be necessary but I added it just in case)

  • umask is 0002 on client and server

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In order for secondary groups to work over NFS, assuming the --manage-gids flag is on, you must have a matching user on the host with the same secondary group assignment. In this case my UID on the server did not have the media-write secondary. In fact, a user with the matching ID did not even exist. In this case, the two possible fixes would be to add a matching user server-side and assign it the appropriate group, or to disable the --manage-gids flag and ensure you don't violate the 16 group limit for NFS.

This applies to both regular group ownership permissions and ACLs.

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