I used the cmd cd .themes

It shows:

bash: cd: .themes: Bad message

Because of this I cannot access my $Home directory from regular file manager. I am using Manjaro xfce distribution and I'm still a beginner.

And also whenever I used the cmdls -al it shows:

ls: cannot access '.themes': Bad message
d?????????  ? ?         ?             ?            ? .themes

Because of this problem I'm unable to access other directories in my $Home directory. How can I get rid of this?

I have tried to move the .themes directory away by issuing in the $HOME directory: mv .themes /tmp/corrupt_dir but it shows:

mv: cannot stat '.themes': Bad message

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Unmount the disk and try in root terminal e2fsck /dev/(drivename)

tldr e2fsck


Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem. The filesystem should be unmounted at the time the command is run. More information: https://manned.org/e2fsck.

  • Check filesystem, reporting any damaged blocks: e2fsck /dev/sdXN

  • Check filesystem and automatically repair any damaged blocks: e2fsck -p /dev/sdXN

  • Check filesystem in read only mode: e2fsck -c /dev/sdXN

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