I have 6 low res monitors.. no 4k or anything crazy..(six @ 1280x1024) My DVM.exe consumes crazy amount of memory.. well over 2GB in some cases.. I have tried all the suggestions I could find.. most of which were from older OSs. This seems crazy to me.. I am unable find a way to keep down to a reasonable RAM consumption... A reboot... does help.. but grows rapidly... I have the lastest firmware and drivers... this is not a new problem.. ANY suggestions?


  • What applications are you running on these 6 screens? DWM usage is going to depend a LOT on how many windows are running, much more than how many screens. – Mokubai May 19 '20 at 16:00

i'm finding the same thing - about 5 or 6 windows open, have the latest drivers. The system is a pretty recent model of Dell laptop with an intel driver. Mem usage doesn't climb really quick, hours, sometimes days if i leave it on, but it gets to 3gb.

A workaround that doesn't need a reboot is to kill it in task manager, it will relaunch and with the apps I'm using, it just reconnects to all the windows, i don't loose WM features on them.

edit I have just found this: https://superuser.com/a/496506/376428

I am disabling some of the effects now, my DWM is using about 50mb, will monitor it and see if this has long term effectiveness.

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