I added Windows Terminal, as well its administrator version, to my Win+X menu using Win+X Menu Editor after following this and this
How can I add a keyboard shortcut, similarly to that I can open PowerShell using Win+X → i?

My current Win+X:

  • Updated my answer this should solve it for you! – thex May 20 at 6:12

Updated answer to also reflect explanation to add own/custom keys

There are already shortcuts attached. Please check my screenshot (from a German Windows version). You can see the underlined "letters" which do show the shortcut for the respective elements. The underlining of the letters only happens when hitting Win+X.

Examples (for the first four elements of the menu):

  • Win+X+F (Apps und Features)
  • Win+X+M (Mobilitätscenter)
  • Win+X+N (Energieoptionen)
  • Win+X+E (Ereginisanzeige)

Windows+X menu: Before

If you want to attach your own keyboard key to an item add it with Win+X Menu Editor.

  1. Open "Add a program" > "Add a program".

Win+X Menu Editor: Add a program

  1. Select the desired program.

File Explorer's file selector

  1. Give the new entry a name e.g. "ExtractWi&zard" (with an ampersand before your desired key).

Renaming the new item - adding an ampersand before the shortcut letter

And we are done!

Win+X Menu Editor after renaming the shortcut program

This gives you the shortcut combination Win+X+Z

Windows+X menu: After

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    I think I wasn't clear enough in the main post. I added Windows Terminal to that menu and I want to add a shortcut to it – avi12 May 20 at 5:52
  • @avi12 Why do you need to rebind? There should be already a shortcut combination. Please also read my post. I updated it. – thex May 20 at 5:53
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    Not really. If you add another item, no shortcut is bound to it by default – avi12 May 20 at 5:54
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    Thank you so much! – avi12 May 20 at 6:13
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    @thex Never mind, together we all work to improve this site after all :) – Valay_17 May 22 at 22:35

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