I am working on replacing a legacy machine with a new machine running windows 10. This machine has several COM ports and old software which is expecting certain COM port numbers for each device.

I am trying to set each device to be the specific COM port number that is required, but I have run in to an issue. One of the devices is self assigning it's port number and won't let me change it. It's not a case of the COM port that I am trying to change to being in use - it just does not have the button required to change the port. Here is a picture of the problem device (left) and another COM device that I can change the port number of.


I have tried uninstalling the device and rebooting, but it comes back and self assigns itself COM port 2, while there is already another device on the system with that port number. I have no idea how to progress from here, any ideas?

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    Please provide the make and then model part number, found on the serial number sticker, so we can find its manual. Please click edit & add that to your question, so all facts we need are in the question. Please don't use Add Comment, since that's our one-way channel to you. All facts about your PC should go in the Question with edit – K7AAY May 20 at 18:58

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