I have enabled the "default terminal for console applications". Now when I run "cmd", I get a ConEmu terminal. This is fine and what I want.

Furthermore, I have defined a task to launch TCC/LE instead of cmd.exe. I declared it as the startup task, so when I launch ConEmu using conemu64.exe, I get a new terminal running an instance of TCC/LE. This is fine, too.

The problem is: I cannot get the combination of both to work. So what I want is to run "cmd" (in the Win-R run dialog) and get both a ConEmu terminal with TCC/LE inside. Is this possible?

Thanks for any help, Thomas

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    You could write a script named cmd.bat that starts ConEmu with TCC/LE. That script needs to be in your PATH before C:\Windows\System32. – dan1st May 20 at 21:00
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    Note that starting something that is not cmd when starting cmd may break other applications. I would suggest you doing something else. – dan1st May 20 at 21:01
  • Only one question: Why do you want that? For example, why when you start Photoshop instead of it Word should be opened? It's your choice what to run. Run tcc.exe explicitly. – Maximus May 21 at 10:49

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