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I try to capture a key from a external keyboard that drive me crazy, everytime I "touch" (really sensitive) it opens me a blanc browser window, I think on the last session I used (I use chrome)

I got ShapKeys, but it doesn't recognise it (code 00_100)

I got AutoHotKey, and I identify it as AC/132/a/Browser_Home

great, I map it to a general letter as SC132::a

and even (on notepad) the a letter apear, it launch also the Browser

from the previous capture:

    AC  132 a   d   4.88    Browser_Home    Program Manager
    AC  132 a   u   0.26    Browser_Home    New Tab - Google Chrome

the following apear after the mentioned mapping

    AC  132 h   d   4.58    Browser_Home    
    41  01E i   d   0.02    a               
    AC  132 h   u   0.20    Browser_Home    New Tab - Google Chrome
    41  01E i   u   0.03    a             

but as said, it got not "stoped" to raise the browser window

I got on Register, but things didn't improve

I found Browser_Home should be AppKey 7, so I manipulate the register on


    ShellExecute = C:\Users\XX_User001\Desktop\hello.bat

but it seems to take no effect

What else could I try??

some links I have follow:


Try this Autohotkey script:

; Hold the key for more than 0.2 seconds to send it:

KeyWait, %A_ThisHotkey%, T0.2  ; wait 0.2 seconds for the key to be released
    If (!ErrorLevel)           ; if the command isn't timed out 
        return                 ; do nothing
    Send a                     ; otherwise send a key of your choise.
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  • I added a "Send b" between the "If" and the "Send a" ==> result: the notepad receive the letter b and then a new browser_window is loaded – Amelia May 22 at 9:02

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