I'm using Windows 10 and I find myself confused every time I change between languages that have similar letters. Back then, when I had only two languages installed, switching languages via 'alt + shift' was fine - I were sure that I change to the right language, but now I found myself typing or don't understand why a shortcut isn't working and after several minutes I find that the current language was German and wasn't English. What I'm looking for is a way to see a clear notification, which occurs each time I switch languages, that shows the current language and fade away. Or shortcut which opens a box which I can choose the language I desire, and knowing for sure that I'm on the right language.


Use this shortcut : Win + space you can see it changing from the list

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  • Thanks @Srinivas V! – KaliTheGreat May 21 at 15:05
  • @KaliTheGreat you can approve this answer. It will be helpful for you and others – Srinivas V May 21 at 15:05
  • After 7 minutes I can and will accept :) thanks again! – KaliTheGreat May 21 at 15:10
  • Recently (Windows 10.1909), it seems that the list also began showing up if you repeatedly press Shift while still holding Alt. – user1686 May 21 at 15:27

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