I use tar about once every 10 years and made a backup off a failed inaccessible drive that luckily worked fine. Except that instead of backing up just /home (and everything under it), it backed up /path/to/home.

So for example, when I just extract with a simple tar xzvf mytarfile.tar.gz in my home directory it creates a sub dir called path/ and in that a to/ and finally the home/ that I really want to appear ../../../ above.

So again, what I'm getting is:


And what I WANT is:


Is there any way to get tar to strip this extraneous path that's prepended to the home dir content I want to restore?


Add --strip-components=NUMBER to your tar command.

In your example (/home/myhomedir/path/to/home/allthefilesIwant), you should set NUMBER to 3.

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