I noticed that my SSD read/write speed dropped. I googled it most results said that a secure erase could help.

I am using Kingston SSD Manager, and it says

Secure Erase is disabled for this primary drive. Only secondary non-partitioned drives maybe secure erased.

Here is a screenshot enter image description here

  • You can't since the drive is the primary partition, in other words, the system drive. A secure erase is unlikely to resolve anything based on the health status of that drive (i.e. there is nothing wrong with it). – Ramhound May 23 at 2:18
  • that makes sense. any ideas on how to improve the performance of the SSD? p.s. feel free to move this to an answer and I will accept it. – Remon Shehatta May 23 at 2:25
  • idk that device or software, but look for the TRIM commands. Periodically [ie once a year not once a week;) you could do a full-disk TRIM, which will which will, in non-technical terms, hoover the dust bunnies from under its bed, shakedown its pillows, hand it a coffee & have it bright & fresh for another day. [Process can take a good few hours during which you won't be able to use the computer]. – Tetsujin May 23 at 8:39

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