Whenever I raise my voice it maxes out the volume for a second or so then goes quiet for a bit. This happens for both my headset mic (3.5mm aux, it's an Audio-Technica with no drivers) and my built-in mic array. All my input devices are classified under 2- Realtek High Definition Audio. This does not happen on Linux Ubuntu 20.04 only updated Windows 10.

I've messed around with the levels and removed audio enhancements in Sound Control Panel and uninstalled/reinstalled drivers. I used Device Doctor and manually upgraded all my drivers. I turned off exclusive use for apps controlling my mic. I reinstalled Windows from a redone boot USB.

How can I solve this?

  • Sometimes, a step that can work is going to Device Manager and going to Devices & Printers and then right clicking on your Computer and clicking troubleshoot. This will troubleshoot some basic things. This may or may not help. – SP Tutors May 23 at 18:47

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