Lenovo i5-7200U laptop:

Freezes randomly. Keyboard and mouse unresponsive. If I am sharing the network with my phone the hotspot fails. Ctrl+Alt+Delete does not work. The only thing I can do is a hard restart (long press power button).

What is causing this?

  • Have you gotten it to enough of a usable state to run a malware scan on it? – Alex Lowe May 23 at 5:57
  • Given that it is completely unresponsive including network activity, not just video and interface failure, there may be a hardware issue on the motherboard, CPU, or RAM. It might be an overheating issue, which can be confirmed by installing CoreTemp and watching its thermometer in the system tray. Unfortunately this machine is probably 4 years old, far older than Lenovo's standard warranty. Unfortunately, laptop hardware issues often cannot be easily repaired. – Christopher Hostage May 23 at 6:15
  • @AlexLowe i tried and found nothing – iliass dahman May 23 at 7:45
  • @ChristopherHostage thank you so much for your informations, and for my pc i bought it from a friend and he is only half year old. could i know where is the problem without open it ? – iliass dahman May 23 at 7:47