I have a ReadyNet AC1200MS and the internet speeds are already not the best as we live further out from the city. I've switched the DNS servers to cloudflare which has made a decent difference, but i still want to go a step further with my personal computer.

The QoS settings page inside my router are extremely confusing. Instead of using a typical MAC address which I've seen done before, it asks for all sorts of things and I have no idea what option to choose and where to get the information to fill in the blanks on the device I want to prioritize.

If anyone can explain as much of the options I have in my settings page as possible it would mean a lot.

Here is a screenshot of the settings panel for my router.


  • Weird, this webui looks like a poor clone of DD-WRT, and also looks like they #$@& with the QOS tab. – Tim_Stewart May 23 at 16:08
  • readynetsolutions.com/support/ac1200ms update your firmware if you haven't already, the latest one shows a QOS fix in the change features list. – Tim_Stewart May 23 at 16:12
  • Are you running sip on this router? I.e have VOIP handsets working through this? – Tim_Stewart May 23 at 16:17

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