I've been having this problem for a day or two now. Every time I try to open any Windows 10 App or App Service (Groovy, Realtek Audio Manager, Photo Viewer, wsreset.exe), I'm greeted with "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to open this file.", and the program immediately exits.

This has made it impossible for me to open many common files or change my Realtek audio settings, which is problematic because I use my computer for audio production.

What I have tried:

    - Fresh in-place reinstall of Windows 10 (keeping personal files)
    - Fresh in-place reinstall of Windows 10 (wiping everything)
    - Giving full ownership of the entire `C:\` drive tree to `everyone`
    - Moving the files I want to access onto my `D:\` drive
    - Running programs as administrator
    - (attempting to) Make the entire tree of `C:\` not read-only
    - Prayer

Any help would be much appreciated; I need my computer for work and something makes me fear the problem will only worsen.

Edit: I have logged in to my computer's built in Administrator account, and it still gives me an error when I try to open a Windows Store app, but instead just says something along the lines of "the app failed to start".


You seem to have major problems with Windows.

I can suggest these steps:

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  • Well, I can't do the Event Viewer now, as I did a complete reinstall of Windows, making sure to wipe everything, and I'm still having the same problem. I'll try these and get back to you on that – Deccadeo Youtube May 23 at 21:26
  • So, I've already done an in-place Refresh -and- Reset. I've run chkdsk and sfc /scannow, and both say there are no problems. I ran all the DISM stuff I could. Either there was nothing of note in the error log, or can't quite understand what the logs mean. And, I'm not entirely sure how to check SMART data with Speccy; I couldn't find much information online. – Deccadeo Youtube May 23 at 22:00
  • With Speccy, go into the Storage section. The SMART values you will see are not always obvious, but Speccy will mark them for you as good or bad. – harrymc May 24 at 6:16
  • Ah, gotchya. Just took a look. It says all is good – Deccadeo Youtube May 24 at 9:29
  • This sounds incredible. Is there anything special about your computer or hard disk? Maybe dual boot with Linux? You could also run MemTest86 for as many passes as possible, as a general hardware test. – harrymc May 24 at 9:50

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