I had a canon external hard drive that I could upload photos from WI-FI at home.
The power supply stopped working and I now want to get the photos off the hard drive.

I have removed the drive and connected it to my PC with a sata to USB connection.
However, the drive does not show up in "This PC", and I have looked at disk management and it is visible there but not accessible anywhere else.

Has anybody any suggestions on how to get the photos off the drive. The device management shows the drive as an SCSI device? Not sure what this indicates. Thank toy for the help

Right click at 915.32 GB:

Right click at Disk 1 931.51 GB

Device manager:

Disk Management Details:

  • It may be the filesystems there are of types not supported by Windows. Boot Linux live CD/USB and investigate from there. Useful commands: lsblk, gdisk -l /dev/sdX, file -s /dev/sdX1 (sdX2, sdX3 etc.), where sdX should be replaced with the right device node. Some commands may need sudo. Report back (edit the question) and maybe we will be able to help more. – Kamil Maciorowski May 26 at 6:53
  • (cont'd) The device may be sg instead of sd. I don't work with SCSI, I'm not sure. Anyway lsblk should tell you. – Kamil Maciorowski May 26 at 7:02

In the Disk Management utility, you should right-click the partition you want to access (probably the one of 915.32GB in your case) and choose Change Drive Letters and Paths. There you will be able to assign a drive letter to the partition.

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