as seen in p5b deluxe manual(page 2-33) pin definition of 9-PINS AAFP CONNECTOR(front panel audio connectors)are as follows: GND, PRESENCE#, SENSE1_RETUR, EMPTY PIN, SENSE2_RETUR, PORT1 L, PORT1 R, PORT2 R, SENSE_SEND, PORT2 L But practically the name of the front panel cables are as follows: R-ret, R-out, L-ret, L-out, Ground, Ground, Mic-power, Mic-in

There are 2 GNDs but there is only one GND pin! Other names are completely different.Please for god sake help me know which cable should I connect to which pin to enable my front HD-audio and mic. Over and over I searched the net, over and over I found nothing.

Thanks in Advance Ali Zolfaghari

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