Does anyone know of a small, high-speed power screwdriver with really low torque (hand tight) for use on computer chassis?

I screw in and unscrew screws on computer cases all day long and I'm getting tired of using a hand-held screwdriver.

I want something that's relatively small, uses some common batteries (AA, AAA), has higher speed than I can do by hand, with a clutch that stops tightening when the screw is about hand tight

Someone has to make this...


There is a guide on Maximum PC on various screwdrivers. If you look at page seven it mentions a couple of battery powered ones:

  • Black & Decker Alkaline Powered Screwdriver (Black & Decker)
  • Hitachi DB3DL 3.6 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Screwdriver (Amazon)

I am HUGE fan of the Coleman FlashCell cordless screwdriver. Charges in about 90s and will do plenty of screws before needing a recharge. It uses a capacitor, so there's no charge wear, and the fast charging means there's no worries about leaving it around discharged.

There's one catch - it looks like it's sold out all over the place, possibly discontinued for now if it is changing brands or something. There are some on ebay it looks like. I'm glad I got mine when I did!

Edit: It looks like the people behind the tech are Demain International. They apparently license out their tech for tool manufacturers. In the UK and perhaps elsewhere it looks like it was licensed to GMC. This is a pretty awesome tool, I'm sure it will be back on the market soon.


Get yourself an unbranded (or ownbranded) cheap electric screw driver.

Every tool shop I have seen does these - here (in the UK) both Homebase and B&Q (the leading two DIY shops) have their own range of tools as well as many others. The cheapest ones are low torque and work fine for computers.

About 4 years ago, I managed to pick one up for £6 that uses 4x AA batteries - I have only changed them a few times and I like it - I use a powerful one here, but I keep this one in my tool kit for visits.

Your other best bet is eBay.

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