ive recently bought second hand a cpu, ram and a mobo. when i put it all together, the fans are spinning and everything seems to be fine except that i wont post. tried pulling out the cmos battery but at the moment thats all i could do. the previous owners say that everything ran fine so i dont know what should i do when i cant get into the bios.

specs: 400w psu i5 4590 b85m-g gtx 1060 500gb hdd

  • The CPU is indeed compatible, although with a latest BIOS warning. Getting it to post, at least enough to verify the BIOS version, might take a professional. – harrymc May 28 at 8:41
  • 2
    "*Before using the new Intel 4th Gen Core processors, we suggest that you first download the BIOS updater for new Intel 4th Gen Core Processors and then update the BIOS using this tool." – DavidPostill May 28 at 8:42
  • @DavidPostill i bought the cpu second hand, so i dont have any 1150 motherboards. – user1181365 May 29 at 8:48
  • also the technician told me that theres a problem with the starter chip not reading the cmos battery because theres no power for some reason, the board is fine its just it cant accest bios beacuse of no power going there – user1181365 May 29 at 8:49

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