I set up a local FTP server using IIS and enabled anonymous login. However I still can't log in as anonymous/myemail@gmail.com; it says it's the wrong username/password. How is this possible? I also tried setting up authenticated login but I have no idea where to create user accounts for that...

  • Have you granted authorization to "all users" (authentication != authorization)? – DDS May 28 at 12:11
  • How would I do that? – ekolis May 28 at 22:46
  • open inetmgr -> select your ftp site on the left pane -> click ftp authorization rules in middle pane and check that there is a like "allow" "all users" "read write" – DDS May 29 at 16:57
  • Tried that, didn't seem to work. Still booted back to login every time I try to log in. – ekolis Jun 7 at 14:11

My anonymous FTP login was bound to my Windows login, but it appears that I'd mistyped the password for my Windows login when configuring the FTP login. Oops!

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