In my Windows 10 installation, the little language switcher in the task bar is cluttered with keyboard layouts / locale settings I never use:

Windows 10 language switcher in task bar

So I go to language settings to try and remove them -- but there, only the two I actually want appear. The ones I am trying to remove are only listed in the language bar, but not in the settings.

Windows 10 language settings

My end goal is to only have German (Swiss), i.e. Deutsch (Schweiz) and English (US), i.e Englisch (Vereinigte Staaten), and to have the US Layout as the default. How do I achieve this?


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This is the method I just used and your case seems similar:

  • Win+R: Regedit
  • Go to: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Preload

You should see a list of values like this List of Keyboard Layouts in the Registery editor

Visit this page to see what the data values correspond too (in my case 0000040c is French)

Keyboard Identifiers Identifiers

  • Add/Remove the keyboard languages you need

I'd probably advise only removing the extra ones here and adding them in the Windows settings as you'd normally do.

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