edit: This seems to have been patched in the latest version of the vmware workstation.

So I was enjoying life for a while, but then vmware decided that my caps lock key needed to be more non-deterministic.

This occurs across two different VMs (I created a new one just to ensure that it wasn't something I did on the old one).

When caps lock is enabled, it cannot be disabled. Sometimes if you type a long sequence of letters, it will turn off for a second, but then comes right back. I opened up xev to see what was going on, and sure enough, I was getting a constant stream of caps lock keypress events.

Another important fact: it doesn't happen in TTYs. Only in an X11 environment.

I thought it was my vmware host tools, so I updated them. No dice.

I reinstalled open-vm-tools on the guest, and triple checked to ensure they were enabled and all of the kernel modules are loaded. No dice.

I re-installed vmware entirely. No dice.

What could possibly be causing this? Here's a video I made in case my description isn't clear enough.



This is a known issue with VMWare Workstation 15.5.5

A VMWare employee has suggested to set the configuration


as a workaround here which solved the problem for me.

EDIT: According to the 15.5.6 Release notes, this issue has been resolved.

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