yesterday i upgraded my system on Archlinux and after a reboot the login screen is back whenever i type the pass, password is right but i think there's some error somewhere dunno. i tried my best to solve it so i switched to tty3 (alt+shift+f3) and ran


and noticed the error it was about symbol lookup error in /usr/lib/libKWaylandServer.so.5 which is a symbolic link to newly install version of this library and when i was doing upgrade it said Warning qt5-* (version) is newer than extra (version).

sudo pacman -Syyu

i used this command to upgrade and it succeed. but everytime i login it throws me back to login screen

  • Please, try create a new user and so try logging on with it. Then, tell us if you managed that one. – jluizsouzadev Jun 5 at 18:38

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