For some reason, all applications are no longer able to store credentials in the login keychain. This applies to Mail, Echofon (twitter), iDisk/MobileMe.

I have run Keychain Access and created a new keychain, so I now have an empty login keychain. The keychain is unlocked. However, when I log in to an application, it does not create an entry in the keychain, and will prompt for password again next time I start the application.

I have run Keychain Access, Repair to no effect. I have run Disk Utility, Verify Disk and Repair Permissions to no effect.

Any pointers appreciated.

/Sten Vesterli

  • If I manually add an entry for e.g. Echofon to the new login keychain using Keychain Access, and then start Echofon, I can see that it actively DELETES the login entry. Very mysterious. Jun 23, 2010 at 10:07


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