My regedit keys in Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options* have a lot of keys with the name of applications that I am sure that I have earlier removed as virus or malware, for example AppthgildeM.exe has two things

  1. A default value of type 'REG_SZ'
  2. A GlobalFlag of 'REG_DWORD' with a value 200 (I deleted this entry)

The rest of the keys with names of the malicious files only have the default value. I don't know the exact names of all the malicious entries so is there a way I can remove those?

The genuine entries have 'DisableExceptionChainValidation' set to 0 (thankfully) however explorer.exe has a value of 3. Should I change that back to 0?

Also for all the entries that I saw, they didn't have a debugger or any other key except for MitigationOptions set to 100 and a few specific ones like CFGOptions.


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Registry keys always have a "default" value of REG_SZ type – this is a leftover from Windows 3.x era, when this was literally the only data format the registry had. (Hence the odd key/value/data terminology.)

As far as I know, "Image File Execution Options" places no significance on the subkey merely being present (which some other places of the registry do), so only non-default values are important here.

DisableExceptionChainValidation is always set to 3 for Explorer.exe, even on brand new installations. I can only guess this has something to do with third-party shell extensions, which load tons of (garbage) code into the Explorer.exe process.

GlobalFlag is a bit mask; each bit has its own meaning. It seems having the bit 0x200 set enables some sort of silent exit monitoring, and I suspect it might be used as a way to automatically restart the malware process whenever it's killed (e.g. by having a Scheduled Task that's triggered by the event log entry).

  • Ah so I can just let them be without any problems. Is there any way to identify if the key was generated by a malware apart from some with obvious names or do I have to manually google for every key? Jun 4, 2020 at 11:28

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