I have 2 laptops and I'd like to use them with just one monitor. I could buy an HDMI switch but I was wondering if it's possible to tell to the laptop which isn't connected to the monitor to use the monitor as a second screen.

I think it would be really easy with a driver. Does teamviewer support this functionality?

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    I suggest you simply try the configuration. However, I suspect you will find that the device connected to the 2nd port on the TV, will believe the display is turned off. If that ends up being the case then TeamViewer will also believe it's turned off (i.e. won't be detected). In order to "trick" both TeamViewer and Windows you will need to use a switch or KVM that keeps the connection alive. There are many KVMs with that capability that exists and I can confirm they work flawlessly with TeamViewr – Ramhound Jun 4 at 12:47

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