So, my problem is that I cannot read or write to prefetchable memories that are opened to me for pcie. I have two different setups:

1 - I have a linux kernel 4.9 root complex device, and also a 4.9 device as endpoint. I'm able to do addressing of that device, so I should be able to read from or write to it. But somehow I'm reading gibberish only.

2 - I have the same root complex device and a baremetal device as endpoint. I'm also able to address the device's BARs, but when I write on it, it denies the writes (I can see the memory on a JTAG debugger) and also when I read it it returns 0xFFFF for a word(By the way, the memory was different than 0xFFFF).

I have researched the pre-fetchable memories on pci, but found only these:

  • A pci switch may perform write operations to an endpoint device by byte-merging (Merging bytes into a word.). Since I'm writing a word, the problem shouldn't be related to that.
  • Reading from prefetchable memory cannot cause side-effects. (This seems to be not an issue starter.)

Thanks for your time, I'm happy to clarify my setup or cases if need be.

Edit note:

I have a little more progress that I'd like to pass to you guys: A bare-metal root-complex can access another root-complex's memory even if it is prefetchable. So, the usual suspect seems to be the kernel's default drivers.


Thanks everyone, The problem seems to be about the endpoint device itself, and it is solved.

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