Below is the leading solution for Opera in the past but doesn't work for my version, Version:68.0.3618.165.

[root]/[version]/resources, path was not there so I created the folder path and dropped the file. Went back renamed default_partner_content.json as suggested and restarted Opera and defaults are still there. I'm not sure what's missing?

Any help would be lovely!

Why didn't I just add to the previous comment? Because this site won't allow me to, so I'm expanding on the thought in hopes someone may have a current method of removing this.

Located at: Opera 31: Remove default Search Engines?

Go to opera://about to display your installation paths

From [root]/profile : Remove default_partner_content.json and copy siteprefs.json to [root]/[version]/resources

From [root] : Remove default_partner_content.json then rename siteprefs.json to default_partner_content.json and set it read-only

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For new versions of Opera GX you should replace custom_partner_content.json everywhere it can be found with default_partner_content.json and it's all done. And don't forget to close the browser before this action.

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