I wanted to make a spreadsheet that I could enter a date & time and calculate how much time (in years/dates/months/weeks/hours/minutes/seconds...)

I kept expanding on it. it serves very little functional purpose but it was fun... here is the file...


Some things I need help with

  • my month calculator doesn't seem to work... for the future? (red on sample)
  • my time to/from calculator seems to add 12 hours? i'm guessing I need to do it a different way... column f
  • for calculators on specific days of every year (e.g. enter a birthday, and if you open the file in 2020 or 2024 i want it to show days to/from that same year...)





Show method is based on data, shared through Google sheet.

enter image description here

How it works:

  • Formula in Cell M2:

    =DATEDIF(L2,NOW(),"y") &" years, "&DATEDIF(L2,NOW(),"ym") &" months, " &DATEDIF(L2,NOW(),"md") &" days"
  • Formula in Cell N2:

    =INT((NOW()-L2)*24) &" Hrs, " & INT((NOW()-L2)*24*60)&" Min, " & INT((NOW()-L2)*24*60*60)& " Seco"
  • Formula in Cell O2:


  • Formula in Cell P2:


  • Formula in Cell Q2:


  • Formula in Cell R2:


  • Formula in Cell S2:


  • Formula in Cell T2:


  • Formula in Cell U2:



  • Cell L3, has Bith date & Time of Dr. Martin Luther king Jr.
  • You may adjust cell references in the formula as needed.
  • I appreciate the effort, those formulas don't seem to work better or address the issue in mine, but interesting :) thanks for trying! – Korgun Jun 19 '20 at 3:34
  • @Korgun,,, no issue,, I've tried almost what has been solved in attached google sheet,,, if possible just write which one is different ! – Rajesh S Jun 19 '20 at 4:43

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