mac os catalina 10.15.5(19F101)

v2ray version v4.24.2 https://github.com/v2ray/v2ray-core/releases/download/v4.24.2/v2ray-macos.zip

qv2ray version v2.5.0 https://github.com/Qv2ray/Qv2ray/releases/download/v2.5.0/Qv2ray-v2.5.0.macOS-x64.dmg


when i download both files and install Qv2ray and unzip v2ray-macos then push all files in the v2ray-macos to the target folder in /Users/you_user_name/Library/Preferences/qv2ray/vcore, and press the Check V2ray Core Settings if faile with message V2ray core failed with an exit code: 255

  • when i searched the error msg V2ray core failed with an exit in the source code in https://github.com/Qv2ray/Qv2ray, i foud it's here https://github.com/Qv2ray/Qv2ray/blob/737545329dd59757038413831e5fed883470fe49/src/core/kernel/V2rayKernelInteractions.cpp#L110 what fails. Jun 18, 2020 at 2:24
  • i dive into the depressed folder and execute ./v2ray it failed with operation not permitted, then i execute sudo chmod +x v2ray; sudo ./v2ray it still failed with operation not permitted. Jun 18, 2020 at 2:33


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