My problem is as follows,

"Even more important now when we are between home and the office… is the management of our calendars and availability.   Background information, I have my main work (a***@m**.com ) calendar “Calendar” that all my meeting’s sit in, and controls my availability for “My Organization” to be able to view my busy/ free hours, when scheduling meetings. I also have a 2x sub-calendars under this main calendar “Calendar”, called “Personal” and “Relationship” however because they are sub-calendars, they don’t merge my availability so that “My Organization” is able to view my busy/ free hours.   I like having these 3x different calendars, because I can show/hide them as I need… but of course having these sub-calendars means that I might have an appointment in “Personal” but when “My Organization” views my availability for scheduling meetings, they believe I’m free. Therefore duplicating my meetings in my “Personal” and main “Calendar” for the same time.   Article for better explanation, https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/exchange/aggregate-availability-from-multiple-calendars/m-p/137286   I was hoping someone would know of a better solution for this, besides manually creating blank meetings in the main “Calendar” account to block out meetings that are scheduled in my “Personal” and “Relationship” sub-calendars.   Side note, The “Relationship” calendar is a calendar that’s shared between myself and my partner, so that if there’s a family dinner, after works drinks, or appointment that involves us both, it’s a nice way of either one of us having the option see the availability of each other.. and then of course add in a new appointment if need be 😊 or reschedule it- if we are already doing something on that day.

Thanks in advance for any help :)"


My Outlook calendar is my aggregated calendar, but I use Categories to visually distinguish between the different kinds of appt's (Work, Personal, Sports, etc.). This way my co-workers can tell if I'm out for a personal reason, and I can show/hide the Categories as needed.

However, as is common, some of these appt's might be shared with family or friends, and I've found Google calendars to be great for this. iCloud calendars are OK too, but there's a tool called gSyncIt, available from https://www.fieldstonsoftware.com/, that helps with this. Not associated with them, just happy.

Basically, this integrates to Outlook and syncs appt's of certain Categories with my Google calendar(s). So, at work, I can see everything, and at home we can share calendars and not have to duplicate any entries.

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As far as I know, the Outlook desktop client does not support the aggregate availability on Calendars you mentioned. We can only overload sub calendars on primary calendar to make ourselves easy to tell in which time you are busy or free.

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