I right-clicked in a folder D:\Test\ABC and selected "Group by > Date modified", this is really useful for some specific folders, see screenshot below.

Out of curiosity, where is saved the setting that I want D:\Test\ABC to be always displayed like this? (and not other folders).

I initially thought there would be a hidden desktop.ini file (hidden with Hide protected operating system files Folder options) that would contain this display setting, but there is no desktop.ini in this folder.

Where is saved this custom display setting?

Can such things be set up manually with a desktop.ini file?

enter image description here


Can such things be set up manually with a desktop.ini file?

No. Grouping is saved in the registry, not a desktop.ini file.

Individual folder view settings are remembered if everything is working properly. So once you set the grouping in D:\Test\ABC, it should be remembered.

A preferred view layout can also be set as a custom template for the common FolderTypes ( Generic/Documents/Music/etc. ) by executing Apply to Folders from an Explorer window displaying the custom layout.

enter image description here

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