If I try to quote something from e.g. Wikipedia into a Gmail mail I'm writing, it will also copy the formatting, including blue links such as [1], [2], etc. for references.

When I then try to end the quote and start writing normally again, my text is now of a smaller font, with blue color, and aligned towards the top.

My question is simply, how do I revert to the normal formatting, so I can continue typing? I have to copy/paste the quoted text (e.g. the text from Wikipedia) into e.g. gvim just to remove formatting, and then copy/paste it into Gmail. This is obviously extremely inconvenient, and also removes any formatting altogether, not just from when I want to start writing myself, after the quote.


Gmail has formatting options available when composing an email. It is next to the Send button an underlined A. Clicking on it, show the options (in the blue square on the image) available to change the format of the text.


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