I attend several recurring Zoom meetings every day and would like to streamline the process of joining them.

Is there a way to launch a Zoom meeting (with password) from the command line in Windows?

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    as the password is in the join link, you could use a powershell script to open a new browser window, retain the process ID, open the zoom link in it and then close the process of the opened window...just an idea - didn't test it as I am off shift now on my Mac now.
    – Zina
    Jun 23, 2020 at 17:50
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    or see here a python script idea
    – Zina
    Jun 23, 2020 at 17:52

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Piece of cake! Use a windows shortcut instead! It's easier and cleaner.

You can use this same method on Linux (or mac) but you will need to put it into a script or alias it instead.

I figured this out myself when I went down the same path.

  1. Create a shortcut to your zoom exe. It should be in %APPDATA%\Zoom\bin\Zoom.exe
  2. Open the shortcut properties and edit the "Target" field.
  3. Go down after the EXE and add (with the quotes) "--url=zoommtg://zoom.us/join?action=join&confno=<your_conference_number>"

If you have a password, it is hashed so you will need to launch the meeting once in the browser and copy it out. Once you have your hashed password, add &pwd=<hashed_password> after your conference number (with no spaces).

Some other handy things to know

  • I myself add .LNK to my PATHEXT environment variable. This allows me to launch a shortcut without clicking on it. Possible vulnerability but I am willing to risk it.
  • After adding that, I can put shortcuts in my path and launch them using only the name via the run dialog or console.

An example

  • I put a shortcut for my standup meeting in my path.
  • [Win]+r (pulls up the run dialog)
  • I type 'standup' and hit [ENTER] to open my standup meeting.
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    Thank you so much for this. Jun 24, 2020 at 20:45
  • This is great but on Ubuntu it doesn't work when Zoom is already running. In that case the command does nothing. Is there a fix for that?
    – tmalsburg
    Oct 7, 2020 at 9:18
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    Answering my own question, the solution was to use /bin/xdg-open zoommtg://zoom.us/join?action=join&confno=MEETING_ID.
    – tmalsburg
    Oct 7, 2020 at 9:30
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    @Christoph .. to be honest, I can't remember where I got the first "bread crumb" that got me started. I do remember wasting half a day in a debugger figuring this out.. sorry I can't give you more. Dec 10, 2020 at 18:00
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    The password does not have to be hashed tho. Might have changed since the answer but right now on linux I use the url with Zoom or xdg-open with '...confno=###########&pwd=#######' and this works. Being an URL, I should work on Windows as well.
    – Jay
    Feb 4, 2021 at 11:42

If you're on a Mac you can join a zoom meeting from the command line like so (e.g. for conference ID 1234):

open "zoommtg://zoom.us/join?confno=1234"

To make it handier you can add a shell function to your .bashrc or .zshrc:

function  zoom () { open "zoommtg://zoom.us/join?confno=$1" }

Then you can just join a call using:

zoom 1234

Go down after the EXE and add (with the quotes) "--url=zoommtg://zoom.us/join?action=join&confno=<your_conference_number>"

This isn't work any more. The correct is:


So "--url=" must be outside the quotes!


I like your answer @Señor CMasMas, but instead of a shortcut I'm using a scheduled task to start zoom.exe and using the --url as the arguments, as many of my meetings are recurring. So I want them to automatically pop them up for me, as time is always slipping by when I'm not paying attention.

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    Wow! What a great idea! It wouldn't work for me as I dodge as many meetings as possible. I wouldn't want my 2:00pm PoC meeting popping up over pointless youtube cat videos. :^P Jul 22, 2020 at 4:05

For Mac Users:

Zoom may have changed something since these answers were posted. I was unable to get any of the formats for opening a password-locked room open on osX -- hashed, unhashed, using the --url scheme -- zoom would open but not go to the room.

The answer for me was to open the fully password hashed url in Chrome from the command line:

open -a "Google Chrome" https://zoom.us/j/[ROOM NUMBER]?pwd=[HASHED PASSWORD]

If you are Windows User you can write

start "url"

In the place of url you can put your zoom link and join it easily

For Mac-OS

open "url"

For Linux

xdg-open "url"

this is the easy and quick way But remember to that it will open the browser and browser will pop up and msg saying "Lunch Meeting In Zoom App" which leads to the opening of zoom app. So if you tick always open with app . You are ready to go.

Launch Meeting -Zoom


For linux users this method will not open a web browser it will directly open zoom app with meeting.

xdg-open "zoommtg://zoom.us/join?action=join&confno=<conference_number>"

this will require you to enter password

if you have an invite link for zoom meeting and it looks like the one below "https://us05web.zoom.us/j/9332773648?pwd=OUFPQlIreVpONGX4VURkWjVxNzFFZz09"

you can modify the command above to the one below and it wouldn't require you to enter a passcode

xdg-open "zoommtg://zoom.us/join?action=join&confno=9332773648&pwd=OUFPQlIreVpONGX4VURkWjVxNzFFZz09"
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I use a simple Bash script on Linux to launch Zoom links. I run this from my at queue so that meetings just pop up on schedule without touching my browser.

The essential part is that the script parses out three fields from a typical Zoom link: The host, the meeting ID, and the hashed password. Then I just run zoom with the option of a Zoom meeting URL of the format "zoommtg://[host]/join?action=join&confno=[meeting id]&pwd=[password hash]"

The script does a little extra to make sure my DISPLAY is set (in case I'm running this from something like the 'at' queue) and to verify that the URL is in the expected format with a regular expression match.


[ -z "${DISPLAY}" ] && export DISPLAY=:0

# Check for zoom meeting links
if [[ "$1" =~ https://[^/]*[.]zoom[.][^/]*/j/[0-9]*[?]pwd= ]]; then
    # echo "H: '${H}' M: '${M}' P: '${P}'"
    (zoom "zoommtg://${H}/join?action=join&confno=${M}&pwd=${P}" &)
    if [ -z "$1" ]; then
    exit 0

echo Unexpected arguments: "$@"
exit 1
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