In the example below, I am trying get a tap to send A and a hold to hold down CTRL+A .

but as soon as I activate hold and release the key. CTRL remains stuck down and cant do anything until I physically press CTRL.

Any help would be appreciated. Library Link

#singleinstance, force
#include <TapHoldManager>

 Default:= new TapHoldManager( 200, 400, 2)

    Default.add("a", func("Key_a")) 

        key_a(isHold, taps, state) 

                    if (taps = 1) and (isHold = 0) and (state = -1)

                        send, a

                if (isHold && taps == 1)

                          if (state)

                                send, {Ctrl Down}
                                send, {a Down}


                                send, {Ctrl Up}
                                send, {a Up}


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