On my quest to make my WSL Windows Toolbar Launcher working, I found out that my attempt to set environmental variables for WSL from within command prompt futile:

Within command prompt, I can do a wsl export DISPLAY=, but wsl echo $DISPLAY or printenv DISPLAY will return nothing.

Is querying or even setting WSL environmental variables even possible from within command prompt?

P.s. In my case, I have those set in my .bashrc but running a script via wsl seems to have done nothing to the variables, as the GUI does not forward to the X-server on Windows 10 (host).

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I only know of one environment variable that is passed between WSL and the Command Prompt: WSLENV.

For WSLENV to be passed, one must invoke the other, meaning that a WSL session invokes cmd.exe, or that a cmd.exe session invokes ubuntu (or another distribution).

For more information, see the Microsoft article
Share Environment Vars between WSL and Windows.

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