I would like to manage my calls Android Phone from my laptop Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19041.329] just like it used to be in Windows 7

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Now I am aware of the two solutions to do this. But none of them is not exactly what I am looking for.

Here are whats my setup.

Android phone - This is connected to my laptop so I can remotely manage my calls. (Over Bluetooth)

Bluetooth headphones - This is connected to my laptop as well (Over Bluetooth)

But the problem is with is when both Bluetooth headphones & phone is connected to the laptop

  1. Windows Your phone app

    Call audio is switched to phone instead of the connected laptop. And I am not able to change it back to Bluetooth(laptop)

  2. Dell Mobile connect

enter image description here

So I am looking for a way to manage my calls (everything wirelessly) that I can use my Bluetooth headphones which are connected to a laptop on a phone that is also connected to the same laptop.

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