Can't seem to figure out this simple formula.

I have a value in a particular cell based upon a previous calculation. If that value is above 120 then I need to multiply the value over 120 by 25 and place the result into another cell. I tried an IF function but that seems to be focussed on words or type.

So what I am trying to do is provide a result for cell D10 with the following calculation:

If C10>120 then (C10-120)*25

Let's say for argument sake that the value in C10 is 135, then the result that needs to be posted to D10 is 375 i.e 15 * 25, because I am only interested in the value above 120. However, if it is equal to or below 120, then the value in D10 needs to be 0 (zero).

Is anyone able to help?

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Have you tried the formula below?


enter image description here

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  • Thanks so much, Emily. It looks like i had stupidly forgot the brackets around the second part of the equation. It worked a charm. – logozuu Jun 30 at 11:33

Another option:


enter image description here

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