I have a Web Server running on my Computer. I can reach it through my LAN but not reachable from the Internet or WAN. Later I checked what was the issue and Found that my router's IP is a private IP address. So I guess my router is running behind another router or device which is blocking incoming traffic.

I need to tell that router to forward incoming traffic to my routers address. How do I solve this problem? (Is this called Double NAT?)

Thanks for your Help!

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  • You need to ask the administrator of that router to forward incoming traffic. Depending on who that is, what you want might or might not be possible. – mtak Jun 30 at 8:24
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    Your ISP is likely using Carrier Grade NAT. Please read Alternatives to Port Forwarding & NAT: "There are four major problems that you may run into that would require alternatives to port forwarding. " ... – DavidPostill Jun 30 at 8:34

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