I was wondering what could be the usual installation size for Windows 7 (32bit, without any extras).

  • Mine is 17.7, all updates applied. auto page file (2gb ram installed), 1 restore point and hibernation turned off. Also ran cleanmanager. – Moab Jul 1 at 2:05
  • According to Microsoft it is "16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)" – DavidPostill Jul 1 at 9:58

It turned out to be 12.2gb for me (with 2520-3780mb automatic pagefile size and no system restore)

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  • I have 17.4 Gigabytes, with a download folder of almost half a gigabyte, no hibernation, no System Restore Internet Explorer turned off, Firefox installed, with many extra software(s), including SysInsternals whole suit. I am only running 1.5 GB of RAM. – vssher Jul 1 at 3:34

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