I use categories to favourite some KeePass 2.x entries from various folders. With "Find Entries" for "Tag: Favourite" I can display those all at once. While KeePass will remember the last viewed folder, I can't get it to open back on to the tag view for those Favourites.

Is there a way to automatically display entries for a specific tag on startup?


Yes, this is actually possible by defining Triggers, One of the examples indeed covers this:

Show entries by tag:

Search all entries having the specified tag and show them in the entry list of the main window.

From Tools, Triggers, go to Add a new trigger.

Add a new trigger Event "Opened database file" . Optionally define a filter for a specific database file or path.

Add a new Action "Show entries by tag" and specify the tag you want to Default.

Give the Trigger a name, ensure it's Enabled and hit Finish. Whenever you open a database the main window will now automatically go to a Tag view.

As the Trigger System was added with KeePass 2.x, this is not possible in 1.x.

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