I'm currently on Windows while my MacBook gets repaired. I used Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator to tweak Arabic (101) so that layout matched the layout of Arabic letters on my Macbook.

I installed the keyboard, Arabic (101) - Custom, as per the instructions here, but I'm now stuck. When I try and add the keyboard under Preferred Languages in Settings, I can choose one of several Arabic language by country, and when I click on options, I have the ability to 'Add a keyboard', which is where my custom keyboard turns up. If I choose to add Arabic (101) - Custom as a keyboard, and then switch to Arabic, the keyboard is still layed out as per the original Arabic (101). If I remove the original and add my Custom keyboard, the whole language disappears from my Preferred Languages.

Can someone help with what I'm doing wrong?


Apparently there were updates pending on my Windows machine, and the custom keyboard now seems to work after a restart. When I removed Arabic (101) and added the Custom, the keyboard layout was applied successfully without the whole language being removed.

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