I have move a client away from an old self hosted POP3 mail solution to office 365 and I need to try to configure his outlook so that emails come through in the way he is used to.

He has 4 different email accounts across 3 domains:

  • name@website1.com
  • othername@website1.com
  • name@website2.com
  • name@website3.com

With pop emails from all 4 accounts would be stored in a single inbox in a combined PST file. He could reply to an email recieved by any account as that account with the relevant signature automatically upon clicking reply.

With the new office 365 setup I can only see two possible options. Having individual inboxes in the sidebar for each account, which he does not want. Or the way that I currently have things set up, use rules within Exchange admin to automatically redirect all mail to a single inbox (name@website1.com), he can then manually change the from address and signature each time he replies. Which is unecessary extra steps.

Is there anyway to have a single inbox for multiple imap accounts within Outlook 2013, where the reply account can be automatically detected?



According to my tests, with features in Outlook alone, we could only manually send on behalf as those reply account and could not make the reply account be automatically detected.

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