I'm learning Hiragana, and recently I've learned about double consonants. As an example I saw きつさてん - kissaten-, that means Cafe.

My question basically is how to write it in a computer: I can put my keyboard in Hiragana mode and go through all the syllables, but I don't know how to write the appropriate in "lowercase" in the middle to create the double-consonant pattern.

I'm aware that it may be a highly dependent thing on the keyboard configuration and operative system and so forth, but my case is a Windows PC with the input set to Japanese and Hiragana mode.

As far as I know, all the things that I'm typing in this mode are being written in uppercase, so when I try to tape きつさてん I'm not writing it actually, since the only way for me to write is the uppercase (typing actually tsu in my occidental keyboard).

Thanks in advance

Disclaimer: I was going to post it in Japanese Stackexchange, but when I was about to publish it tagged as computing the description made me post it here:

Questions about the Japanese language used in the context of computing. Questions about technical support (e.g. "How do I input Japanese characters?") belong on Super User.


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As said in iKnow Support link provided by davidpostill, where they address this and other issues when writing Kana with occidental keyboards:

To produce a double-consonant pattern you only need to type twice the consonant and then continue with your regular writing, being the second consonant already the first element of the next syllable. Therefore, writing ssa would produce the expect lowercase and っさ as a whole.

I completely encourage to take a full view of the previous link if you came here looking for this issue, since it has further information that will be extremely useful to type correctly Kana.

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