I have seen multiple devices (all microphones) with a Type B USB connector with screw-thread around it.

  • What is this connector/cable called?
  • What is it for? (other than securely fastening cables?)
  • Are cables with these connectors 'twice-shielded'?
  • What devices might have a female USB port with this kind of thread-fastener?

Picture of USB connector of the bottom side of a USB microphone. Photo courtesy of Thomann.de

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    They are clearly specialist cables. Why don't you ask Thomman? – DavidPostill Jul 4 at 16:14
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    I think that is actually a screw mount for a microphone (for a stand). I don’t think the mounts interfere with cables (they are hollow in the middle) – singalongconflict Jul 4 at 17:00
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    @singalongconflict - now you mention it, it's actually remarkably similar to a Neumann mic mount, though as a Neumann mount is about 10x the price of this mic, I think it's an affectation. – Tetsujin Jul 4 at 17:01
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    @singalongconflict - actually, yes, you're probably right. I actually had to go grab a Neumann & screw-mount out of the mic cupboard to check. Only been using them 40 years … obviously without ever actually looking carefully at one. Go ahead & put that in as an answer. Question was a red herring & I fell for it. I've deleted my answer. – Tetsujin Jul 4 at 17:13
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    Ah, here you go… a £266 shock mount for your £30 mic ;-))) thomann.de/gb/neumann_ea87.htm – Tetsujin Jul 4 at 17:20

The threads are for a screw mount (to attach the mic to a mic stand). Typically, the screw mount are hollow in the centre (to allow the USB cable to pass through it). To answer your question, the mic in the picture seems to take a typical USB B cable which passes through the mount (so it does not require a special kind of USB B connector).

As an aside, it's usually pretty hard to replace screw mounts (at least the one mic I had had a screw mount that was specific that mic). If you lost the screw mount, you may be able to buy a shock mount like this. These kinds of mounts grip the sides of the mic instead of attaching to the base (which screw mounts do). Before buying one, be sure that there's no controls or anything on the side of the mic that would get in the way of the mount. You'll also want to ensure your mic's diameter is suitable for whichever mount you pick.

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  • That's what confused me, I figured all mics like that required a pinching shock mount as that's all I've ever seen. I've never even heard of screw-on shock mounts like @Tetsujin (and you) suggested. Thanks! – Xunie Jul 4 at 18:10
  • See, I was thinking it was something like this D-format cat6e cable. – Xunie Jul 5 at 17:57

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