I am using Windows as my main os and also running a certain version of Windows as virtual machine in hyper-v. I want to run the vm connection in full screen in a specific virtual desktop while having option to switch different virtual desktops. Is there anyway I can disable virtual desktop related shortcut in my vm so I can achieve what I want??

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    Unclear. Can you give more details? – harrymc Jul 4 at 19:39
  • What part is unclear to you?? – SoumyaMahunt Jul 4 at 19:42
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    Well, everything. – harrymc Jul 4 at 19:43
  • I want to run my main os programs in virtual desktop 1 and in virtual desktop 2 I want to run windows in side a hyper-v in full screen. So I want the ability to switch between them using keyboard shortcuts. – SoumyaMahunt Jul 4 at 19:45
  • Where would you be entering these keyboard shortcuts? Guest or host? – harrymc Jul 4 at 19:47

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