I have to pull work reports monthly on the tickets we work in my office. I have been able to customize the output generated by the ticketing system to a point, but the notes section is verbose and so I want to record a MACRO to lop off the bottom 98% of it. Below is the beginning of what I don't need. Above the example is just basically about 4 lines that contain the Customer Name, User Comments and machine names and locations.

LogonScriptVersion: vESDLogon='NULL' vESD='4.1.7358' Chrome='81.0.4044.92' IE='9.11.17763.0' Chrome='15.21.1532'

I'd like to record a MACRO that deletes the above data and everything after it. Is there a good way to do this?

I have tried doing it manually writing formulas to do it but I'm not getting the job done so far.

Any advice will be eagerly welcomed.

Thank you!

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    Please edit your post & add some screen shot of Source data and the expected output, will help us to fix it!! – Rajesh S Jul 8 at 9:11

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