Though Digikam provides a nice feature of finding duplicate photos, it does not, for what I can see, make it easy to delete duplicates and keep original photos. I hope that the function is somewhere there, but I could not find it.

How do I hide reference images and display only duplicates to delete them?

I cannot do "Restriction: Exclude reference album", since all of my original photos and duplicates are in the same album (folder).


I'm just experimenting with digikam. But it is easy to mark the non-reference images as "rejected" by clicking the image and then alt-1.

Laborious but I like to see what folders they're in anyway. Once you have a pile marked then go to the label view and filter those "rejected," select all of them and then hit del.

Like you I do not see anything to let me select all the non-reference images in one fell swoop, open them in a window to confirm the action and then wipe them out.

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