Created an SFTP server with chrooted users. Upon login using FileZilla users can only see their incoming/outgoing folders, basically they are jailed inside their home folders. Now a special user "spcl.usr" used by an application) needs to have access to another chrooted user's incoming and outgoing to be set as follow:

The "spcl.usr" should have the following permissions on another chrooted home folder: incoming ---> read only outgoing ---> read, write and execute

Is there a way to do this without compromising the permissions to other chrooted users?

Many thanks in advance!


An alternative option could be assign the groups for each jailed ftp users and add to the unified supervisor spclr.usr account with the linux usermod command.

With that assigned group rights, it could have read over jailed chroot directories, ie.

usermod -a -G groupSftp1,groupSftp2 spcl.usr

What OS is the server on?

If it's linux, bind mounting the other user's home dir in your spcl.usr's home dir might work.

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