I am currently working on a windows 10 laptop. I have installed the ubuntu subsystem (instead of PUTTY) in it to access the remote server. When I launch the ubuntu subsystem from my windows start menu, it opens with a command prompt user@PC01Y21-PC

The remote server is a Linux server as well.

In addition, I am connected to a VPN. If I don't connect to the VPN, I will not be able to login to the remote server.

So, what I would like to do is download the file from a remote server to my laptop

  1. From ubuntu subsystem, I use SSH 9 (IP address of remote server)

  2. Later I navigate to the path where the file is

  3. I type pwd to get the path of the file

  4. Later I type the below command

    scp selva@ user@PC01Y21-PC:/home/user/

I was expecting that this command would work and the file would be saved in the user folder of ubuntu subsystem but I get the below error

ssh: Could not resolve hostname pc01y21-pc: Name or service not known
lost connection

I would like to copy the map.csv file to the /home/user/ folder in ubuntu system.

Later, I will move it to /mnt/c/ folder so I can access it from my laptop

Can help me please?

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    Your PC PC01Y21-PC is unknown from your server without some sort of dynamic DNS update or some broadcast forwarding wizardry. Instead, from your ubuntu subsystem do: scp selva@ /home/user/anywhere_you_want – Laurent Gosselin Jul 14 at 14:40

Try using the following as you don't need to mention the local computer name:

scp selva@ /home/user/

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